1 day course on ethical issues in organ donation and transplantation



University of Warwick

22nd January


Course content

We will explore ethical issues related to consent in deceased donation, and whether moving to an opt-out system changes the ethical landscape. Other sessions will consider recent controversies surrounding definitions of death and challenges to the ‘dead donor rule’, and ethical issues arising from living donation.


Why study this course?

Teaching will develop ethical reasoning skills, and sessions throughout the day will provide opportunities to enhance skills further with application to these pertinent ethical issues. Participants will leave with a fuller understanding of key ethical issues in transplantation and the way that ethical theories and argumentation can be used to address them.


Who is the course aimed at?

  • Practitioners who work directly in transplant services (CLODs, SNODs, surgeons)
  • Those whose clinical work supports this (anaesthetists, emergency department staff, intensivists)
  • Those who are involved in developing transplant- and donation-related policy

How will I learn?

All teaching will be delivered face-to-face over one day. This course is structured to give opportunities to develop and practice ethical reasoning skills. All sessions will therefore be highly interactive, with a mix of interactive lectures, small group work and workshops.


For further information, and to register, please visit the website below.