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Message from the President

Hello again from the executive team. Summer is upon us and I have no doubt that some of you will be migrating to the sunshine for some well earned R and R. As many of you will be aware we have made some changes this year. Firstly, we will soon have a ‘new-look’ website with […]

3-D Printing Could Revolutionise Organ Transplantation

The recent emergence of 3-D printers promises to change the way we fabricate materials. With an advanced 3-D printer, people will someday be able to make almost anything at home with the proper raw materials. It should be no surprise that doctors have been looking at this cutting-edge technology and experimenting with how they can […]

Points of business

World Transplant Games – The bid for the WTG in 2019 was a closely fought ‘battle’ between Newcastle and Houston. I am pleased to announce the UK (Newcastle) won. Congratulations. Peer review – The Kidney and Kidney/Pancreas Unit peer review is to start in September. The Liver review will follow soon after. CRGs – Future […]

DCD heart transplantation: An emerging technology

Steve Large councillor for heart transplantation – Papworth The widening gap between demand for and availability of hearts for transplantation got us asking in 2006 why hearts from DCD donors, donating livers, kidneys and pancreases could not be used. Small and large animal modeling supported work from the late 1970s suggesting a heart could tolerate […]

Travelling Fellowship 2016

  Live Life Give Life (LLGL) is a small charity which focuses on raising awareness of organ donation, funding initiatives to improve the welfare of (and outcome for) patients who need transplants and encouraging people to register as organ donors which, ultimately, saves lives. The charity is delighted to offer two Travelling Fellowships in 2016 […]