Nomination Committee

Lorna Marson


The British Transplantation Society Nomination Committee is responsible for formally nominating eligible consultant members of the Society for bronze, silver and gold clinical excellence awards in England and Wales and can also recommend members for platinum awards in England and higher awards in Scotland.


The BTS is formally registered as a specialist society with ACCEA and will produce a ranked list of nominated consultant members with an accompanying citation.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Maintaining a point of contact with the ACCEA secretariat as a registered Specialist Society and to re-register as required.
  • Inviting eligible consultant members of the Society to submit an application for consideration
  • Ensuring the membership and process of the committee meets the requirements of ACCEA
  • Scoring each application using an agreed scoring system
  • The chair will rank the nominations based on the scores, submit this list by the ACCEA deadline and complete a citation for each nominated individual
  • Informing unsuccessful candidates and giving feedback


From 2017, the immediate past president, as approved by Council, will coordinate the process and act as the point of contact with the ACCEA secretariat (the Specialist Society Officer). The nomination committee is required to have 5-10 members who represent the range of award holders including those who have none. There should also be a lay member and Nick Gair, the CEO of ASGBI has fulfilled this role over the last few years.

The committee will meet virtually, unless required otherwise. It should report on its activities to the Executive and Council of the BTS through the chair or the Specialist Society Officer. These terms of reference shall be reviewed after three years or sooner if ACCEA requirements change.