Diploma/MSc in Renal Transplantation Science


We have opened the registration for the next diet. Module 1 commences on Monday 29th October 2018.

I would like to inform you that only 70 places are available this round. Priority is for those who complete their registration (the application form, copy of qualifications, evidence of experience in addition to the first instalment). Enclosed the flyer or details of degree, the fees and how to register (please email pgtp@liverpool.ac.uk for registration).

Please forward a copy of your qualifications and evidence of experience in nephrology, urology, transplantation or any other related sub-speciality with your complete application form.

The total cost is £8300 will be paid in 6 instalments (on registering to each module and 2 instalments for the dissertation). You have to pass each module to proceed to the next module.

English language exam (IELTS) is NOT required for students who studied medicine in English. For those who did not study medicine in English or whose first language is not English, evidence must be provided of their ability via one of the English language tests as detailed at http://www.liv.ac.uk/study/international/countries/english-language/

We encourage our students to publish and present their excellent assignments in peer review journals and international conferences (more than 60 publications and 25 international presentations have been achieved to date).

For any advice or query, please get back to me at ahmed.halawa@liverpool.ac.uk