Edinburgh Normothermic Regional Perfusion Masterclass

1st – 3rd November, 2021

The Edinburgh NRP Masterclass is a comprehensive course covering the theory and the practical aspects of normothermic regional perfusion.

The course is aimed at surgeons, theatre practitioners and perfusionists with an interest in normothermic regional perfusion.

The programme contains a mixture of lectures, interactive cases and a significant practical component covering set-up, technical procedure, blood analysis and interpretation, and simulations. The course is delivered by experts in the field, and it is anticipated that on completion of the course attendees will be in a strong position to set up an NRP service in their own units.

Course directors
Gabriel Oniscu – Consultant Transplant Surgeon, Director, Edinburgh Transplant Centre
Andrew Sutherland – Consultant Transplant Surgeon, Edinburgh Transplant Centre
Fiona Hunt – Lead Perfusion and Preservation Practitioner, Edinburgh Transplant Centre