50th Anniversary Lifetime Achievement Awards

Our Aim
To recognise the outstanding achievements by individuals in the field of Clinical Transplantation.

The recipients of this honour must exhibit evidence of outstanding contributions to the past, present and future care of transplant patients, exemplify leadership in areas such as academic scholarship, research, administration, policy development, education, and clinical and/or scientific practice.

There are four awards for anyone who meets the eligibility criteria in the following categories:

• Retired professional – any retired member of the Society
• Practising clinician – any medically qualified clinician, currently practising
• Practising transplant scientist
• Practising caregiver – any currently practising non-medical/scientific professional

Eligibility Criteria

1. Nominee is an active, retired or honorary member of BTS at the time of nomination

2. The candidate for the award must have a reputation as an outstanding professional and innovator

3. The nominee must have practiced as a transplant professional for 20 years or more

4. The candidate is in ‘good standing’ within both the BTS and the wider professional community

5. The areas of outstanding practice, research and innovation could include:

  • Innovative approaches to diagnosis, treatment or care of transplant patients and/or living donors.
  • Application of technology to transplant-related care; and/or developing models of transplant care delivery.
  • Developing treatment protocols, practice guidelines, educational materials, or policies that influence the standard of care of transplant recipients and/or living donors
  • An outstanding academic/research portfolio
  • Evidence of visiting professorships or invitations to speak nationally or internationally on aspects related to the clinical care of transplant recipients and/or living donors.
  • Advocacy on public policy matters impacting upon transplantation, such as participation in advisory panels for organisations such as NHSBT, commissioning bodies, Health Boards, NICE, parliamentary select committees etc.
  • Leadership roles in regional, national and/or international professional organisations related to transplantation
  • A recipient of previous awards recognised by other national and international bodies
  • Innovative approaches to teaching and education of professionals, patient groups and communities
  • Outstanding commitment to the wider transplant community– including patient and donor support groups
  • Outstanding commitment to supporting and improving organ donation

6. Nominee’s service to, standing within and commitment to the BTS will be given serious consideration during the review process

7. Nominator/s must be active members of the BTS at the time of nomination.

8. They may inform nominees if they wish to do so

9. If there are multiple nominations for one individual from the same unit/centre, please submit a single nomination on behalf of a group of colleagues

The BTS 50th anniversary working group will appoint a nominations review committee of a minimum of 10 people to include representatives from Council, lay and patient members. The shortlist and suggested winners will be presented to the BTS Executive for ratification and awards presented during the 50th Anniversary Congress 2022.