An opportunity to make a difference to Renal Services at a National Level

The first ‘Getting it Right First Time’ (GIRFT) report, published by Professor Tim Briggs suggested that changes could be made to improve pathways of care, patient experience, and outcomes – with significant cost savings, and this approach now forms a key part of the roll-out of the recommendations in Lord Carter’s report (February 2016) in operational performance and productivity in acute hospitals.
As a result, Renal Services has been added to the programme roll out, and GIRFT is now looking for a skilled and effective clinical leader, who is recognised as expert by their clinical colleagues and with the endorsement of their specialty society to undertake the Renal Clinical Lead.
For further information about GIRFT, the role of Clinical Lead, and details of how to apply please visit:

Closing dates for applications: 5th February 2017

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