Accreditation & Assistance

In order to promote the best quality clinical research in transplantation in the UK, the BTS have designed an accreditation system for trials.

Investigators can submit their trial protocol to the BTS clinical trials committee for review, and if suitable will receive a letter of accreditation allowing use of the BTS logo in conjunction with presentations and trial reports.

Investigators seeking BTS endorsement should submit details of their trial to the clinical trials committee via the form below.

Assistance with trial design and reporting

In collaboration with the Centre for Evidence in Transplantation ( the BTS clinical trials committee are able to provide advice on trial design and reporting to ensure that clinical trials and reports adhere to published guidelines.

Trial protocols submitted to the BTS/CET will undergo a comprehensive review of all sections of the protocol to ensure it meets the fundamental methodological standards. Please refer to the SPIRIT statement before submitting your protocol. A SPIRIT checklist is available which should be submitted with your protocol. We can also help to ensure that reports of RCTs address all items of the CONSORT statement, a requirement when submitting RCT reports to biomedical journals.