Affiliate Membership

Affiliation with the British Transplantation Society: Policy and Guidance

This provides guidance for organisations that wish to request affiliation with the British Transplantation Society (BTS). Organisations or professional groups vary in size, structure and representation. This policy is designed to ensure that the roles and responsibilities of both the BTS and affiliated organisations are clear.

1. Organisations or groups requesting affiliation with the BTS must be:

  • Established, not-for-profit organisations, with their own identity and Constitution or Terms of Reference
  • Nationally or internationally recognised as representing the views or interests of their members or of a defined professional/multi-professional group. Lay organisations or individual academic institutions are ineligible to apply
  • Financially independent

2. Members of organisations or groups affiliated to the BTS are entitled to:

  • 50% reduction in the cost of individual membership to the BTS, appropriate to salary and grade according to BTS membership pricing structure. Congress and meeting fees remain consistent with BTS members’ rates.
  • Full benefit of BTS membership provided that they are registered and paid up members of BTS.

3. Requirements of organisations affiliated with the BTS:

  • Affiliates are required to agree Terms of Reference with the BTS Executive to underpin a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signed by the affiliate and BTS Executive. This will be reviewed every two years or as required.
  • Affiliates must seek BTS endorsement for their activities via the BTS Executive. Approval must be requested in writing by email to the for each planned event or activity, enclosing details (e.g.; programme details; content). With prior approval, the affiliate may use the BTS logo and identity to endorse activities and communications connected with the specific activity. Endorsed activities include educational programmes and materials that relate to scientific and clinical transplantation practice.
  • Affiliates are expected to respect the rules of the BTS and commit to improving diversity and integration within the Society e.g. joint Congress sessions and meetings with other affiliates/Chapters of the BTS. Programme content for joint meetings must include representation from the affiliate and the BTS. Where external sponsorship opportunities arise, the Treasurer of the BTS must be informed so that a financial agreement between the affiliate and BTS is agreed. The BTS secretariat will coordinate offers of sponsorship and support and liaise with affiliate secretariats as required. Where BTS and secretariat resources and/or finance are required, prior approval from the BTS Executive must be obtained before setting up a joint meeting. Approval must be requested in writing by email to the
  • Affiliates are entitled to withdraw from or request a review of an affiliation agreement at any time without notice by written submission to the

4. The BTS reserves the right to:

  • Decline or withdraw from affiliation with any organisation or group if it is not in the interests of the BTS to retain the association
  • Decline endorsement and/or use of the BTS logo and identity. The BTS identity remains the property of the BTS and can only be used with express consent of the Society.
  • Assume no responsibility for the independent activities of affiliate organisations or groups
  • Display the logos and identities of affiliate organisations on relevant communications and website materials unless prior approval for specific limitations is agreed with the affiliate

This policy will be reviewed as required to ensure that it meets the needs of both the BTS and affiliate organisations and groups.




The BTS is the professional voice of transplantation in the UK and the only Society that is for all professionals involved in transplantation in the UK.