BTPT Society

The British Transplant Physician Trainees (BTPT) Society is for physician trainees (and those within 3 years of completion of training) interested in transplantation in the United Kingdom, and is affiliated with the British Transplantation Society.

BTPT seeks to promote engagement amongst like-minded physician trainees across specialties and provide educational, training and academic opportunities to help further their careers.

The broad aims of BTPT are to:

  1. Provide EDUCATION, TRAINING & MENTORSHIP opportunities
  2. Facilitate collaborative trainee-driven RESEARCH
  3. REPRESENT physician trainees on national transplant groups
  4. ENGAGE with other key organisations in the field of solid organ transplantation
  5. Build RELATIONSHIPS between physician and surgical trainees strengthening the future of the professional transplantation community

Membership of BTPT is open to any physician trainee and those within 3 years of completion of training from all backgrounds.

BTPT was founded in 2023 and officially affiliated with BTS in 2024.

What membership provides:

  • Access to the BTPT mailing list
  • Opportunity to attend BTPT events
  • Notifications about upcoming education and training opportunities
  • Notifications about job and career opportunities
  • Access to a network of like-minded trainees which can facilitate collaborative research
  • The opportunity to have your voice heard in representation of physician trainees in the wider transplantation field