Chapter of Surgeons

Frank Dor

Frank Dor is Consultant Transplant Surgeon & Clinical Lead for Transplantation at Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College, London.
He attended medical school in Antwerp, Belgium and Rotterdam, Netherlands. He qualified from Erasmus MC University cum laude. He completed his PhD (cum laude) at Harvard Medical School and Erasmus MC University Medical Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Mr Dor undertook his general surgery and transplant surgery training at Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam, Netherlands.


The British Transplantation Chapter of Transplant Surgeons conforms and works within the framework of society rules.

It is a forum for all surgical members of the Society and is responsible for:

  1. Providing a professional voice for Transplant Surgeons working in all areas of organ transplantation.
  2. Considering current surgical issues in organ donation and transplant to assist the Society in having an agreed position in these areas.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Provide a professional “voice” for transplant surgeons within the United Kingdom and identify areas which impact on the unique way surgeons in transplantation work.
  • To work closely with the Herrick Society and the Transplant Training and Education Committee (TTEC) to identify and resolve issues which impact on Transplant Surgery training and clinical practice
  • To alternate running  a meeting with a specific theme to bring together the wider transplant surgical community (Year 1) or a session at the Annual Congress to focus specifically on surgical issues (Year 2)
  • Provide specific views and “horizon scan” on surgical issues of specific relevance to the Transplant Surgeon
  • Provide an avenue for transplant surgeons to discuss mentor support
  • Encourage and support new members to join the Society


  • The committee will consist of up to 8 members. The CoTS executive will consist of a Chairman and Secretary. Councillors representing Organ Retrieval Surgery, Kidney Transplant, Pancreas Transplant and Liver Transplant will be co-opted/ elected by the BTS executive. The Herrick Society president will be co-opted onto the committee to provide trainee representation. The Chair of CoTS will sit on the BTS council and be recommended to the General Surgery SAC.
  • Members will be required to complete an annual Declaration of Interests.
  • The committee will meet at least twice a year and report on its activities to the Executive and Council of the BTS through the Chair and Councillors representing Transplant Surgery. The quorate number for meetings will be 3 people to include one Executive plus at least 2 others.
These terms of reference will be reviewed annually – next review September 2019

Current Committee

Mr Nizam Mamode Guy’s Hospital, London

Mr Colin Wilson Freeman Hospital, Newcastle

Mr Paul Gibbs Portsmouth

Mr Krish Menon King’s College Hospital, London

Mr John O’Callaghan Oxford
Herrick Society

Mr Simon Knight Oxford

Miss Miriam Cortes King’s College Hospital, London
Member (Organ Retrieval)

Miss Karen Stevenson Glasgow

Position Statements

At present the CoTS are helping develop a specific Transplant Surgery training curriculum with other agencies.

More details to follow.

Job Opportunities

Units with job opportunities for trainees and consultants/ SAS’s are invited to submit adverts for jobs.

These will be advertised for a limited period of time.

No current opportunities

Monothematic Meetings

2016      Chapter of Transplant Surgeons session, ASGBI

2014      “Retrieval and Recovery”, 110 Rochester Row, London

2012      “Transplantation through the Keyhole”, IET London, Savory Place

Upcoming Meetings

Vascular Society Access Course for Dialysis

18/19 June 2018
West Midlands Surgical Training Centre

Informal Peer Mentor Scheme

The CoTS aspires to provide an informal peer mentor scheme to allow Transplant Surgeons with concerns or difficulties to informally contact another professional member. The Committee are available to be contacted in this regard.