Standards Committee

Peter Andrews
Peter AndrewsChair

Peter’s roles include Consultant Nephrologist, Reader in Renal Medicine and Clinical Director of the Renal Unit and Clinical Director of the SW Thames Renal & Transplantation Unit. Specialist interest in renal transplantation. Chair of Standards Committee of the British Transplantation Society.


The British Transplantation Society Standards Committee is responsible for commissioning and writing new standards in transplantation, reviewing existing standards and working with experts in the field.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Establishing a review process for existing BTS standards
  • Identifying areas of transplantation where standards are required
  • Commissioning/writing of new standards
  • Agree method for determining best practice and evidence base
  • Collaborating with relevant experts and partner organizations
  • Producing a rolling work plan
  • Ensuring BTS executive sign off of all guideline documents
  • Work with the executive, secretariat and web manager to agree a publication strategy


The committee will consist of four members elected by the society in a free ballot. This will be organised by the Electoral Reform Services to coincide with all the other elections of the BTS.

The tenure of membership shall be three years. Therefore, in every four year cycle, there will be 3 years with one vacant seat for election and one year with 2 seats. Members shall be eligible for re-election for a further 3 year term.

The committee will choose the chair from amongst the elected members by single transferable vote organised by the outgoing chair person at least 6 months before he or she retires. Potential candidates can self nominate for the position. The chair shall have tenure for three years starting from the date of the next AGM of the BTS at the annual congress. Therefore, the committee will have either 4 or 5 members, including the chair, at any one time, depending on the seniority of the chair when he or she was elected.

The committee shall have the power to co-opt up to 2 other members as appropriate from the BTS membership or outside the membership to represent relevant interests and if specialist advice is required. Members may also be co-opted such as to recognise the broad representative balance of specialist interests of the society. If the committee wishes to co-opt more than two other members, this should
first be approved by Council.

Members will be required to complete an annual Declaration of Interests

The committee will coduct its activities either by email or in person and report on its activities to the Executive and Council of the BTS through the chair. A written report should be produced for each meeting
of Council. These terms of reference shall be reviewed after three years.