Chapter of Nurses & Allied Health Care Professionals


The British Transplantation Society Nurse and Allied Health Care Professional Chapter is a supportive network for all Nurses and Allied Health Care Professionals (AHPs) working within organ donation and transplantation.

Its aim is to encourage collaborative and inclusive working, the sharing of best evidence based practice, sharing of research and education and to celebrate innovation in transplantation in particular highlighting innovation which is led by Transplant based Nurses and AHPs.

Purpose & Objectives

The British Transplantation Society Nurse and Allied Health Care Professional Forum conform and work within the framework of the British Transplant Society Terms of Reference.

  • Providing a professional voice for all Nurses and Allied Health Care Professionals working in all areas of organ donation and transplantation.
  • Providing a considered view on subjects when requested by the Society and assisting the Society in having an agreed position in these areas.
  • Assist external Transplant agencies and groups with support and guidance on projects that they may be undertaking, bringing practitioners together to discuss, agree and share best practice, both within and where applicable outside the group.
  • To encourage collaborative working and establish effective lines of communication between different non-medical specialities, focusing on identified shared key priorities.
  • Encourage research and education opportunities within the Nursing and Allied Health Care Professional Forum.

The Chapter of Nurses has four main objectives:

  • To include all health care professionals
  • To help health care professionals to connect
  • To inspire one another
  • To help develop our peers.

Letter of support to attend Congress

The British Transplantation Society are keen to encourage new members to join the BTS for their professional development, networking and shared practice opportunities this can provide.

In order to help nurses and management facilitate attendance at the BTS Annual Congress through their line manager, we provide a letter of support at the link below to aid requests to attend.


  • The committee will consist of up to 8 members consisting of Nurses and Allied Health Care Professionals from broad professional backgrounds working in the area of Transplantation.
  • Whilst it is not an absolute requirement, it would be preferential to have Co-Chairs from two different areas of practice.
  • There should be representation from the Society for Living Donor Co-ordination and a varied spectrum of Allied Health Professionals.
  • All committee members will be elected using a formal and transparent process following submission of Expressions of Interest to Co-Chair of Chapter of Nurses. In the instance of not receiving sufficient Expressions of Interest then the Co-Chairs will co-opt members.
  • Each member is elected for a term of 3 years initially with the option of undertaking a second term. Following two terms each member should stand down for at least a term.
  • Chair/Co-Chair should rotate at least every two terms.
  • All elected Members are required to attend 75% of meetings and actively participate. You should seek the support of your line manager before applying for this role to ensure that support to attend such meetings is agreed.
  • All members are expected to take a proactive role in discussions in order to ensure and encourage collaborative working.
  • The group will meet twice a year prior to the Council Meeting to discuss points for the Co-Chairs to raise. Following Council Meetings Co-Chairs will report back to the group outcomes and objectives.
  • The quorate number for meetings will be 5 people to include one Co-Chair plus at least 4 others.

Authorised meeting notes shall be kept in the Members Only area of the website.

These Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually – next review September 2024