The BTS Nursing and Allied Health Professional Award

In recognition of their contribution to donation and transplantation, the Society has introduced a bespoke award, which will be presented to the best abstract presentation at each annual congress from a nurse or allied health professional.

BTS Nursing & Allied Health Award Winner 2024

Emma-Louise Kent

Authors: Ms Emma-Louise Kent, Ms Denise Cunningham, Ms Ingrid Bruno-Snelling, Dr Mark Harber, Ms Fiona McCaig, Prof Alan Salama

Royal Free, London

“MP009: Use of Uromune vaccine to prevent recurrent UTIs in kidney transplant recipients”

BTS Nursing and Allied Health Award Rules for Submission

  • Categories

    The BTS Nursing and Allied Health Award will be presented at each congress to the best clinical or scientific paper presented at the Annual Congress of the British Transplantation Society by a nurse or allied health professional (AHP)

    Call for submissions takes place between mid-September to late November, annually. Winning author/s will be notified by end of December.

  • Members

    Candidates for the award must be members of the Society prior to abstract submission, and indicate that they are eligible for the BTS Nursing or Allied Health Professional Prize at the time of abstract submission.

  • United Kingdom

    The work must be presented by the candidate and must be original and innovative and have been performed largely or entirely within the United Kingdom. The candidate must have contributed significantly to the work which may be on any aspect of organ donation or transplantation or related fields.

    Eligible submissions will include both oral and poster presentations. Submission must be made with the consent of all co-authors, who in doing so, provide confirmation that the rules of the submission have been fulfilled.

  • First Author

    Candidates for the award will be limited to the first author of the submitted paper. In the rare event that the first author cannot present the paper, it must be withdrawn from the competition although the work may be presented by another author.

  • Past Winners

    Past winners of the BTS Nursing and Allied Health Award cannot apply for it.

  • Judging Panel

    The judging panel will be Chaired and appointed by the Co-Chairs of the Chapter of Nurses, to include appropriate AHP representatives from the Society and/or its affiliated organisations.  In the event that one or more of the Co-Chairs has a conflict of interest with a candidate who has entered the competition, the panel will be chaired/co-chaired and appointed by a member of the Executive Committee of the Society.

  • The Award

    The Award will consist of a certificate, presented during the meeting/Congress at which the paper is given and £100.