Medawar Medal

In recognition of Peter Medawar the ‘’father’’ of transplantation immunology, and founding Society chairman, the Society awards two prestigious medals at each Annual Congress to the young doctors/scientists presenting the best clinical and scientific papers.

Medawar Winners for 2024


Amarpreet Thind

Imperial College London

“M2: The Kidney Transplantation in Older People (KTOP) Study: Impact of frailty on outcomes”


Hannah Charlotte Copley

University of Cambridge

“M7: HLA Epitope Electrostatics – a novel methodology to compare HLA epitope electrostatic potential and predict HLA-DQ immunogenicity”



  • Categories

    Two prizes will be awarded at each congress, one to the best clinical paper and one to the best scientific paper presented at the Annual Congress of the British Transplantation Society.

    Call for submissions takes place between mid-September to late November, annually. Winning author/s will be notified by end of December.

  • Members

    Candidates for the prize must be members of the Society prior to abstract submission, and under the age of 40 on the first day of the Annual Congress for which the prize is being considered.

  • Exception

    In exceptional circumstances people outside the age range but, still in training, could be considered with a suitable letter of support from their head of department, for example; if they had undergone a period of interruption in their training.

  • United Kingdom

    The work must be presented by the candidate and must be original and innovative and have been performed largely or entirely within the United Kingdom. The candidate must have contributed significantly to the work. Submission must be made with the consent of all co-authors who, in doing so, provide confirmation that the rules of the submission have been fulfilled.

  • First Author

    Candidates for the prize will be limited to the first author of the submitted paper. In the rare event that the first author cannot present the paper, it must be withdrawn from the competition although the work may be presented by another author in another section of the meeting.

    Persons wishing to be considered for the prize must indicate this in their abstract submission.

  • Past Winners

    Past winners of the Medawar Medal cannot apply for the award.

  • Exclusivity

    Work submitted to the Medawar session may have been presented at another national or international meeting prior to Congress, but will not be eligible if the work has previously been awarded a national or international Prize.

  • Roy Calne Award

    A piece of work which has previously won the Medawar medal is not eligible for the Roy Calne award.

  • Judging Panel

    The judging panel will be chaired by the President of the Society and will usually consist of the President and 8 members of the Society, each of whom will act as rapporteur for one of the papers submitted. The members of the panel will be chosen by the executive  to provide a broad area of expertise. No member of the judging panel may have a direct interest in any of the papers in the competition. If the President has such an interest, he or she will nominate a Member of the Council to act as Chairman. The decision of the panel will be final.

  • The Prize

    The prize will consist of a medal presented during the meeting/Congress at which the paper is given and £500.

› 2023
Richard Dumbill
& Roy Zhang

› 2022
Hannah Maple
& Ashley Priddey

› 2021
Maria Ibrahim
& Charlotte Brown

› 2020
Siobhan McKay
& Hannah Wilkinson

› 2019
Richard Laing
& Emily Thompson

› 2018
Benedict Phillips
& Jack Martin

› 2017
David Nasralla
& Fotios Sampaziotis

› 2016
Andrew Bentall
& Philippa Dodd

› 2015
Sushma Shankar
& Dominic Summers

› 2014
Mekhola Malik
& Adam Barlow

› 2013
Anna Dare
& James Fotheringham

› 2012
Sarah Hosgood
& Jennifer Cole

› 2011
Fadi Issa
& Matthew Welberry Smith

› 2010
Reza Motallebzadeh
& Soroush Sohrabi

› 2009
Ross Francis
& Simon Knight

› 2008
Deepika Akolekar
& Elaine Long

› 2007
Gang Feng

› 2006
Chris Callaghan

› 2005
Anna Taylor

› 2004
Marc Clancy

› 2003
Mahzuz Karim

› 2002
Andre van Maurik

› 2001
J Stephen Billing

› 2000
Paul C Evans

› 1999
Gareth Morris-Stiff

› 1998
Wilson Wong

› 1997 
Gabrielle Slapak

› 1996
David M Turner

› 1995
SR Stubbington

› 1994
David M Turner

› 1993
Adam M Benham

› 1992
Paul Gibbs

› 1991
AL Morton

› 1990
John Kirby