The Calne-Williams Medal

The Calne-Williams Medal was introduced in 2016 by Professor Krishna Menon when he was the National Councillor for Liver Transplant Surgery on the Council. The award was named as such, to recognise the two giants in liver transplantation Professor Sir Roy Calne and Professor Roger Williams.

The award is for the best oral paper presented by trainees who are members of the Society at the ‘Calne-Williams Medal paper session’ during the British Transplantation Society Annual Congress.

The inaugural award was chaired and awarded by the Professor Sir Roy Calne and Professor Roger Williams, both of whom were hugely thankful to the Society for this important recognition of a pioneering team.

The Calne-Williams Medal Winners 2023

Angus Hann

Liver Unit, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

“Normothermic machine preservation of large DBD liver grafts isassociated with early allograft dysfunction”

The British Transplantation Society Calne-Williams Medal recognises “a most outstanding single paper presented at the Annual Congress, in the field of liver transplantation” by a member aged under 40 years.