BTS Annual Congress 2018 Highlights

Day 1 Highlights

– Wednesday 14th March 2018 –

NHSBT Symposium

Overview of organ donation and transplantation

Rachel Johnson

Recent developments in cardiothoracic transplantation

Sally Rushton

Organ utilisation – where are we?

Chris Callaghan

A new kidney offering scheme for the UK – matching donor and recipient more effectively

Lisa Mumford

The National Organ Retrieval Service

Kate Martin

Patient-based liver offering scheme – going live

John O’Grady

Opening Lecture

Leadership, change and quality in delivering healthcare – Jennifer Dixon CBE, the Health Foundation

Jennifer Dixon CBE, the Health Foundation

Quality in Donation

Care of the DCD in ICU: the French experience

Corinne Antoine, Paris

Improving communications between transplant recipients and donor families

Sally Johnson, Laura Ramsay & Stephanie Parsons

Opt out

Phil Walton

Opt out

Sue Madden

Opt out

Claire Williment

Length of the donation pathway

Olive McGowan

Length of the donation pathway

Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy concludes the Quality in donation session

Paul Murphy

Paediatric Transplantation

When is a child untransplantable? What to do when there is no aorta?

Nizam Mamode, London

HLA matching matters in children

Jon Jin Kim, Nottingham

Understanding problems of treatment adherence as a cause of graft loss

John Weinman, London

Superior renal allograft function with male deceased donors for paediatric renal transplant recipients

Nadeesha Lakmal Mudalige

Risk factors for developing post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder in children after renal transplantation: a systematic review

Sofie Simonis

Six of the Best

Significance of Basiliximab induction therapy in standard-risk renal transplant in Tacrolimus Era: a meta-analysis

Hatem Ali

Have changes in the utilisation of livers donated following circulatory death affected survival in patients undergoing liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma?

David Wallace

Does gene transcript analysis in renal transplant biopsies assist in the distinction of antibody-mediated rejection from glomerulonephritis?

Barbora Salcman


Industry Sponsored Symposium

Directed altruistic donation: where do we draw the line?

Directed donation dilemmas: a transplant surgeon’s perspective

Frank Dor, London

Practising pragmatism with altruistic donation: opportunities, challenges, and solutions

Lisa Burnapp, NHSBT