BTS Annual Congress 2018 Highlights

Day 3 Highlights

– Friday 16th March 2018 –

Ethics Symposium: Communicating Risk

BTS/NHSBT workshop: overview and progress made

Lorna Marson, Edinburgh

Complexity and compliance

David van Dellen, Manchester

Right organ, wrong person

John Casey, Edinburgh

I never knew about that. Consent and communicating risk

Refik Gokmen, London

I never knew about that. Just how much should we consent our patients for?

Matt Welberry Smith, Leeds

Going viral!

Cytomegalovirus: lessons from the Swiss transplant cohort study

Nicolas Mueller, Zurich

Using HCV viraemic organs for HCV negative recipients

Ahmed El Sharkawy, Birmingham

Busting the myths about hepatitis E virus

Samreen Ijaz, Public Health England