BTS Annual Congress 2018 Highlights

Day 2 Highlights

– Thursday 15th March 2018 –

MDT plenary workshop: complex organ donation cases

Living Donation

Varuna Aluvihare, London

Clinical Oral Presentations

A 10 year experience of dual kidney transplantation in a single UK centre

Ibrahim Rajput

Disease-specific differences and outcomes from listing for lung transplantation in the UK

Antonios Kourliouros

Recipient apol 1 genotype and allograft outcomes in live kidney transplantation

Konstantinos Koutroutsos

Causes of renal allograft failure in the United Kingdom

Hannah Burton

Impact of symptomatic UTI on longterm renal transplant function

Rhana Zakri

Ethics, law, psycho-social issues and public policy oral presentations

Socioeconomic deprivation is associated with lower rates of preemptive kidney transplantation

Keith Gillis

Evaluation of family attitudes, actions, decisions and experiences following implementation of deemed consent and the Human Transplantation Act (Wales) 2013

Phil Walton

Engaging teenage students in transplantation ethics and organ donation via an interactive tutorial

John Oluwatobiloba Omobowale Ayorinde

Barriers to pre-emptive kidney transplant listing – a single centre experience

Gareth Jones

BTS/BLTG Symposium

Primary Biliary Cholangitis; Acknowledged truths?

Ken Simpson, Edinburgh

Autoimmune hepatitis: defining the need for liver transplantation

Michael Heneghan, London

Liver transplantation for PSC – managing the dominant stricture and timing of colectomy

Brian Davidson, London

Approach to immuno-suppression in immune mediated liver disease – does standard therapy apply?

James Ferguson, Birmingham

Liver Transplant MDM

Dhakshina Vijayanand, Leeds

Recurrent Portal Vein Thrombosis after Liver Transplantation for Budd-Chiari Syndrome

Miriam Cortes, London

A Catch 22 Situation

Ahmed El Sharkawy, Birmingham

The Calne Williams Medal Oral Presentations

Assessing the time-varying impact of hepatocellular carcinoma on survival following liver transplantation

David Wallace

Impact of regional organ sharing and allocation in the UK Northern Liver Alliance on waiting time to liver transplantation and waitlist survival

Abdullah Malik

BTS Debate

This house believes that surgical training can only be achieved by non-compliance of the working time directive.

For the Motion

Nigel Heaton, London

Against the Motion.

Raaj Praseedom, Cambridge

Medawar Medal Presentations

Chronic renal histological changes at implantation and subsequent deceased donor kidney transplant outcomes: a single-centre analysis

Benedict Phillips

Accurate viability assessment and cryopreservation of pancreatic islets requires prolonged incubation with viability dyes and cryoprotectants for more than 12 hours

Nikola Dolezalova

Class II anti-HLA IgG2 and IgG3 DSAs predict poorer outcomes in chronic antibody mediated rejection of renal allografts

Alexander Wardle

Highly specific RIPK1 inhibition is beneficial in murine ischemia reperfusion injury

Kevin Gallagher

Succinate accumulation accounts for greater transplant reperfusion injury induced by warm compared to cold ischaemia in mouse, pig and man

Jack Martin


Industry Sponsored Symposium

Does the formulation of tacrolimus matter?

Best Practice – Kidney

Cancer in kidney transplant recipients – epidemiology and prevention

Adnan Sharif, Birmingham

Post-transplant lymphoma – new approaches

Paul Fields, London

Cardiovascular risk in kidney transplant recipients

Alan Jardine, Glasgow

Bone mineral disease in kidney transplant recipients

Arif Khwaja, Sheffield

Basic and Translational Science Oral Presentations

MicroRNAs in renal fibrosis and transplantation – mediators and therapeutic targets

Laura Denby, Edinburgh

IgM HLA DSAs do not alter the outcomes of renal allograft rejection

Alexander Wardle

Human neutrophil antibodies are associated with severe early rejection in kidney transplant recipients

Tim Key

Quality in Transplantation

Developing clinical practice guidelines

Richard Baker, Leeds

Outcomes of recipients of a kidney transplant who have been suspended from the National Kidney Transplant waiting list (NKTWL)

David Wallace

Predictors of outcomes in a HLA incompatible renal transplant cohort

Tineke Rennie

Pancreas and Islets

Have we learnt from our mistakes in pancreas transplantation?

Chris Watson, Cambridge

Quality of life after simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation

Hannah Maple